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The joy of sailing is reserved for those who appreciate and know how to enjoy the wind-borne form of transit. Also known as sailboats and motor sailors, there are many different rig and deck styles available. Varieties range from the comfortable short-hop cruisers and long-range adventurer live-aboards, to the mega sailing yacht enthusiasts.

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Sailing yachts for Sale come in different configurations

Sailing yachts enjoy the ability to have unlimited range with larger sizes approaching true luxury accommodations as found on motor yachts. Although sailing yachts are often found with a single engine up to around 70’, larger sailing yachts can offer twin engines and a thruster to assist with docking maneuverability . Often when the wind is just not cooperating, it is important to make trips using an efficient engine alone. Some sailing yachts are termed as motor sailors that offer an adequate sailing rig and reasonable power to work together. Sloops (single mast) rigs are by far the most popular, although ketch and schooner rigs (twin mast) are also popular.

Considerations for sailing yacht buyers:

    • When searching for the right sailing yacht, draft is a concern to keep in mind, as a deep keel helps with performance and performance; yet hinders sailing in shallow waters such as the Bahamas. Many sailing yachts offer a dagger board or a ¾ keel for better draft. Catamaran (twin hull) sailing yachts are popular because of their shallow draft and living volume.
    • A diesel engine with enough power and fuel capacity to motor the sailing yacht when you have to get somewhere when the wind is not cooperating and to tie up.
    • A sailing rig which is easy for one or two people to manage; yet a design which will sail well. Roller furling on both the main sail and the head sails are now the standard. Many sailing yachts for sale also have electric or hydraulic winches to help adjust the ‘sheets’.
    • A comfortable layout. Many sailing yachts feature a master stateroom all the way aft for maximum volume and stability. If the sailing yacht buyer wants to charter the yacht, extra staterooms including adequate crew quarters are necessary.
    • Good electronics – which are becoming very inexpensive to add. A good autopilot and gps plotter are essential.
    • A bow thruster makes it easier to dock and can often be added anytime.
    • Easy ability to maintain the sailing yacht. This includes varnished teak and teak decks. These are pretty; but need to be kept up.
    • The construction of the yacht is important. More expensive sailing yachts are simply built better. Fiberglass hulls and decks are becoming the standard. For trans oceanic crossings, a sailing yacht buyer may wish to consider an aluminum or steel hull for strength considerations.
    • When considering the purchase of a sailing yacht, a professional survey must be done. Also check the rigging and masts!
    • Note that there are many custom or ‘one off’ sailing yachts for sale around the world. Take extreme caution when considering the purchase of one of these. A thorough survey and sea trial is essential!

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