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About Mega Yachts

Welcome to the glorious world of the elite yachts for sale! Also known as super yachts and mega yachts – many of these are custom built for the ultra wealthy. While express style yachts are found in this size range, the majority are built as either tri-deck (or more) configurations with long range often in mind.
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Megayachts for sale are often built to completely custom standards for the wealthiest yacht owners. Very often these savvy yacht owners have owned production yachts and thus know what they want in a yacht. This is the ULTIMATE form of personalized expression in the luxury market. These lucky folks pursue the ULTIMATE lifestyle of YACHTING!

Mega Yachts for Sale Styles

The most popular form of mega yachts (or superyachts) are Tri-deck yachts. Understandably, tri deck yachts feature three levels or more of deck space! The main deck commonly features a large and covered aft deck for dining, a spacious salon with formal dining forward then an on-deck master stateroom , which typically offers you plenty of viewing windows.

Going up a deck we find an enclosed sky lounge (typically behind the main helm or steering station), and then a deck further is usually a sundeck with open-air amenities for you to enjoy plenty of entertaining and guest space.

These yachts are the most popular yachts for large families and chartering because of their huge volume. Most of the larger ones even offer an elevator between decks and a pool. Therefore, Tri deck yachts start at around 90’ and go up from there to the largest mega-yachts in the world!

Some smaller tri deck yachts (90’-130’) are designed to go fast (25 knots or so). As they grow larger (and heavier), tri deck yachts gain the ability to cross oceans and thus at slower speeds for better range and fuel economy since there is no where you can fill up in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Since having a happy crew is essential, so usually a third of the boat is for crew quarters and either incorporated at the back (aft) or forward (fore) area of the lower deck with privacy access, so that the owner/guests and crew enjoy private space.


Raised pilothouse yachts are typically designed with two deck levels.  In other words,  a main deck level, starting with a sizable aft deck settee for dining. Moving through sliding doors, you will find a large salon and dining area with an open galley ‘country kitchen’ (with casual seating) forward.

Owner and guest staterooms are on a lower level with 3 or 4 staterooms. The master stateroom (owner stateroom) is typically full-beam , as is the VIP stateroom (typically the most forward). In addition, smaller guest staterooms (usually twin berths) are usually found on either side of a hallway.

The top deck is the fly bridge area, which is spacious and open. In addition, it often features a hardtop (fixed top for shade) and such amenities as a jacuzzi tub. A raised pilothouse is usually found on the same level as the fly bridge area, whereas a pilothouse yacht features an enclosed steering station on the main deck level. Raised pilothouse yachts (such as the Westport 112′) and pilothouse yachts (also known as a flush deck pilothouse yacht) are immensely popular in the US and Mediterranean areas due to their versatility and popular layout. These yachts often can achieve speeds of 25 knots plus and are usually not seen over 125’ (38m).


This category of large yachts focuses on style, performance and enjoying fast daytrips. Large express yachts are typically very sleek and stylish; featuring a main deck devoted to both sun-worshipping and a casual joint salon area and helm. After that, Owner/guest accommodations are found below consisting of 3–4 staterooms plus a crew area (often found towards the back behind the engine room). Large express cruisers are popular on the US east coast and in the Mediterranean area. These yachts can be found up to 150’ (45m) with speeds up to 50 knots!


Large sailing yachts combine the luxury of fine living with the excitement and unlimited range enjoyed by the wind. Modern technology has allowed for exciting performance and effortless operation (by virtue of hydraulic winches and roller furling) with tremendous sail areas. Most large sailing yachts offer a deck salon forward of twin steering stations, along with an added salon and dining area below with luxurious living accommodations plus crew quarters. Also, large sailing yachts are limited by the draft of where they can travel.  For instance, some have keels which can be raised for shallow draft cruising. Most large sailing yachts are designed as a sloop (or cutter), ketch or schooner rigs.


Expedition yachts are a category of mega yachts for sale which refer to larger long-range yachts. These designs usually feature a commercial styled ‘look’. Also, a handful of commercial vessels have converted into yachts. In addition, some expedition yachts carry sport fishing boats for exciting fishing in remote areas. In either case, expedition yachts designed to travel our wonderful world in search of adventure and places which cannot be easily cruised. These often carry sizeable tenders (auxiliary boats) for adventuring.


Large sport fishing yachts and yacht fishers are a small category of large yachts designed for avid fishing enthusiasts. Most large sport fishers feature an enclosed fly bridge which doubles as a sky lounge. Features include large diesel engines for speeds of twenty knots plus and comfort which allows for four staterooms plus a crew area. Yacht fishers combine the amenities and features found on large motor yachts with a large cockpit area for fishing and water sports. Large sport fishing yachts and yacht fishers predominate the US east and west coasts. They are, however, extremely rare above 100’.

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