Yacht Dockage in South Florida

Symbol motor yacht at dock in Fort Lauderdale

Did you know that Fort Lauderdale, Florida  is often  referred to as the ‘Venice of the Americas”?  Good reason for this analogy, as this area has plenty of waterfront homes with private docks which directly and easily access the Atlantic Ocean.

Many home owners offer dockage for rent at a huge discount over marinas.  Let’s face it. Many owners are busy and can’t use their boat all the time.  A yacht has  to have a place to safely be moored, so why not do what many savvy yacht owners do…and rent private  dockage.

Consideration has to be given to the draft (depth) and access to the private slip.  Some yachts need 6′ or more to get in and out to the navigable waterways.  Plus, the city code mandates a setback of 5′ -10′ from each side of the property whereby the yacht has to fit (for example a 100′ yacht requires a property of 110′-120’).  Power supplies must also be met, as larger yachts use 100 amp service (although twin 50 amp service can often be made to work).  One also needs to consider the parking and dock access, livability (most private docks don’t allow staying on-board),  the condition of the dock, location for easy ocean access, power requirements, landscape conditions (home with big trees are nuisances for keeping the yacht clean), fixed bridges and protection (upriver docks are favored by insurance companies during hurricane season).   AK Yachts assists their clients in finding the perfect dock to keep their yachts behind, often going the extra mile to survey the depth of approach and these other important considerations.

Private home dockage can range from $10 per foot per month to $25 per foot per month.  Some even include ‘light’ power usage (you won’t want to run your air-conditioning full-time, but that is another subject which will be covered in an upcoming blog).  Some dockage even allows for occasional staying aboard.  Many home owners will rent their docks on a monthly basis.   We recommend finding conveniently located dockage with good access (not restricted in depth by tidal conditions) and moving the boat to a variety of ‘resort marinas’, of which Fort Lauderdale boasts many, when actually in town and using the yacht (naturally since AK Yachts is a full-service brokerage, we can assist you with this).

Resort marinas in Fort Lauderdale  include Bahia Mar, Las Olas City Docks and Hall of Fame (located directly across from the very nice Fort Lauderdale beach), Pier 66 and Hilton Marina (located nearby the port entrance and capable of handling very large yachts up to 200′).  Rates vary with season with the high rate being $5 per foot per day…but you get great locations to the action, beach and many desirable amenities to compliment your yachting experience.

Part of the beauty behind yacht ownership is the ability to experience different areas at whim,  as well as cruising grounds not accessible to the ordinary person.  South Florida offers a key staging point to cruise the finest waters in the world; including the Bahamas (800 islands  with breath-taking crystal clear water starting at only 50 miles away, South Miami Beach (ready to party?) , the Florida Keys (Key West being the best for the laid back tropical lifestyle …may never want to leave as many don’t!), and a centralized ‘jump point’ to Caribbean destinations such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Dominican Republic and the far Caribbean chain of islands (including the Virgin Islands, Saint Martin, Saint Barts, Martinique, Grenada and so on – see transport blog).  Many yachts in this area also cruise the very desirable area up to the New England coast and the Great Lakes region during the summertime months.

The other desirable motivation to a yacht owner; is that the South Florida area offers the best availability of yacht services and crew worldwide!  Indeed, Fort Lauderdale has also been termed the ‘Yachting Capital’ of the world!  Selling a yacht? Why not use it while enjoying your yacht in the premier yacht selling region worldwide?  Buying a yacht?  Can’t get better to see a huge variety of yachts at attractive pricing anywhere.  Shhh! don’t tell everyone this secret, or we won’t have the same opportunities to share!