Transporting Yachts

Offloading a used yacht

Often Buyers and Owners face the challenge of having a yacht transported; which can be done effectively and economically by a number of well-established worldwide operations.   In today’s world it is common to see good opportunities to buy yachts in areas offering a favorable currency exchange and including the cost of transporting yachts to home locations.  The US is currently favored by regions such as Australia and Europe for yacht buyers who then transport yachts back to these areas.

Shipping as deck cargo, or on a specialized yacht carrier can both extend the opportunities to cruise parts of the world which cannot be accessed easily, due to range constraints or weather concerns.  There is virtually a ship for every port destination; anywhere in the world.  Transporting yachts by ocean carrier saves much wear and tear often experienced by long trans-oceanic cruises, not to mention the hours accumulated on the machinery and systems.  Yachts arrive in a ready-to-go state.  Often they can be attached to shorepower while underway.

Carriers such as  Dockwise Yacht Transport ( offer submersible yacht carriers which offer float-on-off service whereby the yacht is driven onto the yacht with divers placing supports for the hull, then the cargo area is raised and unflooded.  This service travels worldwide with such destinations as South Florida, USA, Vancouver, Canada, West coast Mexico, Costa Rica, Australia, Tahiti, Europe (Mediterranean), Caribbean and many more.  Other ships ( offer crane service which pick up the yacht with teams of cranes and carry the yachts as deck cargo with service worldwide.

When using a ship transport, the yacht will carry a separate cargo insurance policy and often be shrink-wrapped (enclosed in a plastic shell) to protect the yacht on long-cruises.  I advise customers to even consider moving yachts over short distances (1000 miles) by this method, especially if the trip is against wind conditions (as often found between moving from South Florida to the Virgin Islands – much easier coming back from the VI’s with prevailing winds from the stern).

Moving smaller yachts within continental North America can be economically accomplished by trucking.  Most express style yachts are built so that they can be moved by truck and trailer without exceeding a height limit of 13’6″ and a beam (width limit) of 14′  from the road.  Depending on the route, some road transports can exceed this height and   Even some sedan style motor yachts can have the flybridge removed and shipped on the same trailer, then reassembled on the delivered side.  This method of transporting yachts is often more economical than physically driving a yacht.  Most owners will shrink-wrap the yacht while transporting.  Sometimes a combination of transporting means will be the most effective way to accomplish deliveries; such as moving a lake-bound yacht to a navigable waterway where an on-water delivery team can take over.

Professional delivery crews are also employed to move yachts between locations.  Many are free-lance operators who have many years of experience.  It is an  important consideration to select a delivery crew who has experience on the desired route and with the type of yacht being delivered.  Provision should be made for weather conditions which could potentially interrupt the trip, as often that the delivery can be accomplished smoothly and without damage.

AK Yachts has many customers who elect to buy yachts which are good buying opportunities  from various  locations and transport to their home port . We handle all aspects of  this service at no-charge to the customer and can often negotiate more favorable pricing. As worldwide currencies become stronger against the US dollar, many international yacht buyers seek the  used yacht market in the US, especially South Florida; where most of the best opportunities to buy yachts advantageously are found.   We see many buyers from Europe, Australia, South and Central America and Canada who recognize this fact and make up a major part of our buying market – then use transport services to bring their purchased yachts to their home port.  Many buyers elect to use their newly purchased yacht to cruise our fine destinations, such as the Bahamas and Florida Keys prior to transporting.  AK Yachts often handles the management (including dockage, maintenance, captain services, etc) to assist  these happy new owners to keep the boat in South Florida and do some excellent cruising prior to transport.

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