Yacht Homes in South Florida

Yacht Home in Fort Lauderdale

South Florida offers many folks who embrace the yachting lifestyle (as well as our wonderful climate and cruising areas) the opportunity to own or lease yacht homes  with deepwater dockage which can accommodate yachts up to 175′. Given the market conditions and low interest rates, there is not a better time than now to take advantage of buying a waterfront yacht home at very reasonable prices.

There is a wide selection of yacht homes starting in the mid-300,000 range up, with properties which handle anywhere from a 50′ yacht and up. Because of building and dredging restrictions, these waterfront properties will always go up in value, as there are only so many homes with waterfront access, never to be more.

For larger yachts, the Fort Lauderdale area reigns supreme. The ultra deep-water Port Everglades inlet is close to areas such as Harbor Beach, Rio Vista, Las Olas and Sunrise Key.  Only a  few select yacht homes offer the draft and lot size which can accommodate more than 9′ of draft and up to 175′ in length.  When seeking a yacht home, consider thSymbol motor yacht at dock in Fort Lauderdaleat the lot has a setback for yachts which average between 5-10′ from the property edge, thus a 100′ yacht will require a lot size of between 110-120′, depending on jurisdiction.  While not publicly recognized, many home-owners lease their docks to yachts.

Many waterfront homes are on canals, which offer limited depths of water (some tend to silt up) and impose beam (width restrictions), therefore it is wise to survey the canal with a depth-finder prior to focusing on a certain area if a certain draft needs to be carried. Others are located up the New River, which becomes more brackish (fresh water) as it moves inland past downtown Fort Lauderdale. However, many boaters favor the New River locations as they offer more protection from hurricanes. The entire New River has opening drawbridges by which even yachts up to 130′ can safely navigate.

Other desirable areas in South Florida include Lighthouse Point, Boca Raton (Hillsboro inlet) Palm Beach (Lake Worth inlet)  Delray Beach (Boynton inlet – limited), Jupiter (Jupiter inlet), Stuart (Saint Lucie inlet), Hollywood, Sunny Isles and North  Miami (Haulover inlet), Miami Beach, Key Biscayne and Coral Gables (Government Cut to Biscayne Bay). The Florida Keys also offers some areas where larger yachts can moor, although few due to the generally shallow waters found throughout the Keys. All of these areas have unique, distinctive charm offering a wide selection of waterfront homes with varying depth and length.

If a yacht home is one of your goals, ensure that you carefully check out the dockage depth (at low tide) for any obstructions and/or shallow areas, the access depths to the dock, the condition of the dock and seawall and the property length with the setback in mind! Keep in mind that dock conditions can be improved with minor dredging and piling repositioning….just keep this in mind for your budget as you purchase!

For more information on availability and pricing, contact Andy Kniffin CPYB (954) 292-0629, andy@akyachts.com.  Andy works with local realtors to help find the perfect waterfront homes most suitable for docking yachts.

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