Used Yachts with AK Yachts

Ak Yachts makes it an enjoyable experience when buying used yachts. Jim and Jan Rich tell us about their experience with Ak Yacht of Fort Lauderdale:

My wife, Jan and I have enjoyed yachting in the Marco Island, Florida area  for  many years and have bought/ sold a number of  various sized  used yachts ranging from 32’ to 60’ in length.  Over the last 6 years, we have bought and sold 3 used yachts – a beautiful 2002 57’ Symbol pilothouse, a 2005 50’ Cruisers express and most recently a 2007 42’ Sabre.

Most folks who enjoy this lifestyle will notice that their needs for used yachts change – as have ours for various circumstances.

What has made this process truly enjoyable is our relationship with Andy Kniffin of Ak Yachts in Fort Lauderdale.  We met Andy approximately 6 years ago and engaged him to sell our Symbol pilothouse yacht at the time – as he had extensive experience with this brand and other used yachts.  Andy was able to procure a buyer through his relationship with another brokerage firm in short order and we enjoyed a quick, uneventful sale.

Shortly thereafter, Andy found us a new, untitled 50’ Cruisers which we were able to buy at a very attractive price.  Since this was a new boat, we had a number of optional equipment to add and some warranty issues to correct – with Andy assisting us through the entire way.  We enjoyed this boat for a few years, when our personal situation dictated that we should sell the boat as we were not able to use it frequently enough to justify owning it.  Once again, Andy found a buyer quickly and we sold it with just a few months of listing her.

Finding a yacht broker with good market knowledge for used yachts is a must!

A few months ago, we decided that we really missed the yachting lifestyle and wished to get back into it.  Naturally, we contacted Andy again and explained to him what we had in mind, as my wife has a minor disability; thus we needed to look for used yachts which would make it easy for her to assist me with docking and getting back and forth to the foredeck.  I went to the recent Palm Beach boat show and saw a Sabre 42’ which seemed to fit our needs perfectly.  Andy went to work and quickly found several late-model used Sabre 42’s which seemed ideal….as we wanted a boat in top shape.   We were surprised to learn from Andy that this manufacturer made a custom model which offered only one stateroom forward, thus allowing for much more space in the salon and galley area.  Soon thereafter, we traveled to Sarasota and found two ideal candidates of this rare model, and made a bid on one.  Even though I might have expected to pay more for the boat, Andy negotiated a deal which was very favorable to us.

Our deal went through very smoothly along with a list of minor discrepancies (as found on any yacht purchase).  Although I am accustomed to  yacht transactions, there is always a list of expert assistance required – including deficiency negotiating,  insurance decisions, registration and closing paperwork. Andy seamlessly made this an easy process and was able to recommend good companies and handle all this to our benefit.

After we closed, Andy (assisted by his lovely wife, Connie), arranged to pick me up and he helped me to bring the boat home.  Once at my home dock, Andy stayed for several days and worked diligently with me to correct the various issues we had.  I am truly delighted with my new purchase (2007 42’ Sabre downeast style motor yacht) and am looking forward to good times over the next few years.

I should point out that myself and my wife, Jan, were owners and operators of a substantial food industry corporation for many years.  We have always had the point of view that engaging reliable and expert consultation for areas which are not in our level of expertise which offers us the best possible outcome for our goal satisfaction.

With this in mind, I have engaged a number of yacht brokers over the last decade or so – and have not found anyone with more knowledge, attentiveness, diligence or ability to happily service our needs than Andy Kniffin of Ak Yachts.   He has become more of a trusted friend and resource than I could have ever hoped for!

We love our new boat!

Jim and Jan Rich

Marco Island, Florida

“Ocean Hammock” 2007 42’ Sabre

Contact Andy Kniffin, President of Ak Yachts  for more information and assistance with all your yachting needs! (954) 292-0629,

Used Yachts with Ak Yachts