Trideck Yacht Builders

This page features the many trideck yacht builders around the world including Asia, Europe and the US.  See our comprehensive list of trideck yachts for sale in all price ranges and sizes!

Benetti ShipyardBenetti trideck yacht for sale

Viareggio, Italy

Founded 1873

Benetti builds a very popular and high quality trideck yacht with a steel hull and aluminum superstructure.  Benetti offers a semi-custom series known as the Classic 115’, Classic 120’ and Vision 145’.  Benetti’s are well-known for their displacement long-range, blue water capabilities with exceptionally beautiful interiors.

Blohm & VossBlohm & Voss yacht for sale

Hamburg, Germany

Founded 1887

A division of Thysen Krupp Marine Systems, this Hamburg, Germany based builder constructs extremely high end, fully custom trideck megayachts for the most demanding worldwide owners.


Burger Boat CompanyBurger trideck yacht for sale

Manitowoc, Wisconsin, USA

Founded 1863

Yachts built 500 (2009)

Burger Boat Company builds custom luxury trideck yachts from 120-200’ out of aluminum.  They have always had a fine reputation for building high-quality custom yachts.  Typically launching 2-3 yachts per year, with another 4-6 projects under construction at various stages of completion, the vessels built today successfully blend the rich heritage of experienced yacht building the latest technologies and systems available on the marketplace.  They are built to order, with no two Burgers being the same.

CBI NaviCbI Navi trideck yacht for sale

Viareggio, Italy

Founded 1982

CBI Navi focuses on fully customized, full-displacement yachts  with worldwide capabilities with hulls made of steel and aluminum superstructures.  They are owned by FIPA group in Italy (one of the largest shipbuilders in the world).  It’s philosophy is to build designer yachts; custom-made and unique vessels which express the owner’s personality and tastes.  Trideck yacht models range between 31m-80m (101’-262’).

Cheoy Lee ShipyardsCheoy Lee trideck yacht for sale

Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

Founded 1870

Yachts built 4950 (2009)

Cheoy Lee Shipyards has been a major shipbuilder for well over a century and has built a number of successful yachts.  The Global series is a semi-custom FRP composite trideck yacht series from 100-118’, including long range models.  Cheoy Lee has always been a pioneer in the marine industry and builds to satisfy the requirements of a variety of internationally recognized classification societies , naval architects and interior designers.  Due to favorable labor factors, the value in Cheoy Lee yachts is often remarkable.

Christensen Shipyards Ltd.Christensen trideck yacht for sale

Vancouver, Washington

Founded 1983

Yachts built 36 (2009)

Christensen yacht’s current focus on the trideck yacht market revolves around their popular Custom series yachts, which has turned out to be a hugely popular trend; desirable to many famous North American clients.  Crafted out of advanced composite (FRP, cored laminate) with the same quality and attention to detail that Christensen has become famous for, the Christensen Customs Series is perfection in Megayachts.  Designed with an efficient and effective layout , each Custom series yacht is unique to the owner’s tastes in terms of diverse profiles and layouts, yet can be built with a shorter and more efficient period of time without the guesswork (thus unknown cost factors)  associated with purely custom designs.  All Christensen Custom series yachts are turn-key priced and certified for ABS and MCA classifications.   This builder typically has a Custom series tri deck yacht in production which can be purchased and modified to the owner’s tastes.  Their state-of-the-art facility consists of over 180,000 square feet of climate controlled manufacturing space, with 12 large project bays and an expandable mold for hulls from 100-165’.

CMN Shipyardcmn trideck yacht for sale

Cherbourg, France

Founded 1945

Yachts built 13 (2009)

Focused primarily on the European market, CMN has built some exceptional  steel hull with aluminum superstructure, world-class displacement trideck yachts, all to custom specifications and starting at 43m (141’).  Pride of the current fleet is the 190’ range of semi-custom yachts which share the same basic hull and bulkhead arrangement but with unique customization of the interiors and exterior styling by notable designer Andrew Winch.

Custom LineCustom Line trideck yacht for sale

Forli, Italy

Ferretti Custom Line builds semi-custom Italian FRP composite trideck yachts in two models…the Navetta 26m Crescendo and the Navetta 33m. They are pioneers with new technology and finely constructed smaller tri deck motor yachts with strong representation in the US.


CodecasaCodecasa trideck yacht for sale

Viareggio, Italy

Founded 1825

Yachts built 57 (2010)

Luxury yacht builders in the 35-75m (115-246’) range,  these are finely crafted, fully customized designs typically built with a steel or aluminum hull with a lightweight aluminum superstructure.  Two new semi-custom series are available including the “Vintage” series 50m (retro styled with a plumb bow) and the exciting Codecasa 72m with a distinctive profile.

CRNCRN trideck yachts for sale

Ancona, Italy

Founded 1963

Yachts built 170 (2009)

The CRN shipyard is a brand of the notable Ferretti Group and a leader in fully customized yachts ranging from 46-85m (150-278’).  As with most European trideck yacht builders, the hulls are steel with aluminum superstructures offering world class, displacement navigation.  They are known for extremely high-end, beautiful yachts.

Delta MarineDelta  yachts for sale

Seattle, Washington, USA

Founded 1965

Yachts built 35 (2009)

Delta Marine is a custom builder for yachts from around 110’ up to 300’ in length.  It specializes in composite construction and works in both steel and aluminum as well.  With an in-house design team, Delta is able to offer its customers complete naval architecture and design services or work with an outside team.  Delta is well-known for building some of the finest trideck yachts in the world and located in an ideal location for cruising the fantastic waters of the Pacific Northwest.

FeadshipFeadship trideck yacht for sale

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Founded 1949

Yachts built 200 (2009)

Feadship is world renowned for building some of the finest and most innovative custom trideck yachts worldwide.  Based in Netherlands, it is a cooperation between 3 of the best known names in yachting history…De Vries, Royal Van Lent and De Voogt.  Feadship currently offers a semi-custom series known as the F45 Vantage which is a fixed mid-range plan without having to invest the higher costs and greater amount of time in a fully custom project, yet still allows owners to select interior, décor, and equipment for an ongoing or new project with cost effectiveness.

HaakvortHaakvort tri-deck yacht for sale

Monnickendam, Netherlands

Founded 1880

Haakvort is another famous custom tri deck motor yacht builder located in Holland.  They build in Steel with aluminum up to 50 meters in length.  A small builder, they offer two enclosed and temperature controlled docking and construction halls. Most Dutch builders sub-contract out components of the vessel (such as the hull, interiors, etc) and assemble them with utmost skill and quality.

Heesen YachtsHeesen  yachts for sale

Oss, Netherlands

Founded 1978

Yachts built 140 (2009)

Heesen continues to be the premier builder in innovative steel or aluminum tri deck motor yachts in the 37m-55m (121-180’) range.  Dutch based with a semi-custom, to custom line of trideck yacht models, they typically have an ongoing project which can be purchased an customized to owner’s tastes

Horizon Yacht CompanyHorizon tri deck yacht for sale

Kaoshsiung, Taiwan

Founded 1987

Yachts built 500

Horizon has built a number of yachts in the less than 100’ range in FRP composite using advanced manufacturing technologies.  Since 1987, it has grown to become a large business group with subsidiary support companies so that the yachts are essentially designed and built in-house.  Horizon has successfully delivered some exciting 120’ models and is expanding into the steel long-range displacement trideck yacht range with their planned 45m (148’) model with a steel hull and BV Ice classification.

ISA International ShipyardsISA trideck yacht for sale

Ancona, Italy

Founded 2001

Yachts built 20

ISA is the coming together of two large shipyards on a common stretch of sea on the Adriatic Sea in Ancona, Italy, a town reputed for its craftsmanship in shipbuilding.  Now united under the ISA banner, it includes huge production facilities. ISA builds distinctive, semi-custom steel/aluminum/composite  displacement and semi-displacement designs from 40 -100m (131-328’).  More than 9 trideck yachts can be built simultaneously.  ISA’s designs are notorious for a seamless stairway from the main deck to the upper decks on port and starboard outboard sides.

Kingship Marine LtdKingship tri deck yacht for sale

Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

Founded 2004

Yachts built 3

Kingship is an up and coming serious trideck yacht builder in China with a penchant for hiring the best designers and architects worldwide.  They build steel displacement hulls with an aluminum superstructure in compliance to Lloyds and MCA rules.  Tremendous value is offered in their fine construction.   The yard is composed of a modern facility which can efficiently construct up to seven mega-yachts ranging from 27-50m with a rotating shift of trained craftsmen.

Lurssen YachtsLurssen tri deck yachts for sale

Bremen, Germany

Founded 1875

Yachts built 3000

Lurssen is a total facility shipbuilder, complete with engineering, design, construction and logistical teams .  Lurssen has earned its reputation for its extremely high-class custom superyachts and trideck yachts and is very actively involved in building military/commercial ships as well.  Projects are completely customized and start at around 130’ to over 500’.  The players for Lurssen yachts are indeed the wealthiest clients in the world.


Palmer Johnson Palmer Johnson trideck yacht for sale

Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

Founded 1918

Yachts built 300

Palmer Johnson, known for their innovative benchmarks over 90 years, has continued to produce yachts of the highest quality in America.  A pioneer in aluminum construction, they have move more towards building large sports yachts, however a number of extremely well-constructed trideck motoryachts are owned and occasionally for sale.

Northern MarineNorthern Marine trideck yacht for sale

Anacortes, Washington

Founded 1995

Yachts built 26

Northern Marine is a world class builder of luxury trideck yachts which have been historically designed by renowned designer Ward Setzer and Jonathon Barnett ranging from 130’ – 151’ (39m-46m) and built out of FRP composite materials.  Each is designed to deliver a stable, dry ride in offshore conditions, and built to meet every demand over a lifetime of use.  Each vessel is arranged, equipped and finished to provide luxurious comfort and enjoyment, even at the most remote destinations.

Ocean AlexanderOcean Alexander tri deck yacht for sale

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Founded 1978

Ocean Alexander has been quite successful during the recent economic crunch by offering a long list of FRP composite yachts with unique and appealing styling to North American buyers. In an effort to expand into the trideck megayacht market, they have struck an allegiance with internationally acclaimed yacht designer Evan K. Marshall and Christensen Shipyards to produce a series of stylish tri deck yachts starting at 120’ to 155’, all built to MCA class.

President YachtsPresident tri deck yacht for sale

Kaoishung, Taiwan

President Yachts is a well-established Taiwan builder with a modern facility who has successfully launched two 107’ trideck yachts (2008, 2010) featuring an innovative country kitchen layout and a master stateroom on the sky lounge deck.  They build in FRP composite and offer a remarkable value for the dollar.  A 115’ trideck yacht is project is currently underway.

Proteksan Turquoise YachtsProteksan tri deck yachts for sale

Istanbul, Turkey

Founded 1975

Yachts built 31

Proteksan-Turquoise is a partnership established by two leaders of the Turkish boat building industry.  The infrastructure of the company consists of two larger sheds and complete in-house design and construction with potential to deliver 3 large yachts per year.  Word has it that they are building outstanding trideck displacement yachts of very high quality out of steel and aluminum at very attractive values.

Richmond YachtsRichmond trideck yacht for sale

Vancouver, Canada

Founded 2003

Yachts built 5

Richmond Yachts is an up and coming major trideck yacht builder using an exciting Ward Setzer design for a 142’ semi-custom trideck yacht design.  They are extremely innovative and build a spectacular yacht.  The workforce is extremely experienced, drawn from the collapse of the British Columbia yacht building industry in the early 2000’s.  Richmond Yachts continually have a yacht under construction which can be purchased and modified to owner’s tastes.


Trinity YachtsTrinity tri-deck yachts for sale

Gulfport, Mississippi

Founded 1988

Yachts built 31

Luxury,  custom trideck yacht builder, Trinity Yachts, combines skill and tradition in a shipyard with over 6 decades of experience, along with the latest technology in control, navigation and communications.  Trinity offers a viable, American made world class alternative to the finest European builds with its award-winning quality, custom design, engineering and construction.  They offer the ability to custom design and build trideck yachts of any size range up to 400’ (122m) featuring highly finished interiors and work with the world’s most renowned naval architects and interior designers.  It is for these reasons that 70% of their yachts are from repeat customers.  Primary construction material is out of aluminum in displacement and semi-displacement hull designs.

WestportWestport tri deck yacht for sale

Port Angeles, Washington

Founded 1964

Yachts built 120

Westport is the king of very attractive, production trideck  yachts in the US, offering innovative, FRP composite construction in a 130’ (39m) and a 164’ (50m) trideck motor yacht model.  Their philosophy parallels that of the aviation industry, whereby a thoroughly detailed development process for new designs engineered to perform a specific, known standard.  Moreover, they are all built in series, simply because no custom builder could support the cost of that process.  Similarly, series production of tri deck  yachts enables the builder to distribute developmental costs among several units and therefore to justify a sizeable in investment in naval architecture, styling and interior design, and to acquire the ideal infrastructure molds and equipment.  Another advantage is that proven designs such as a production model actually become better boats with each launching as “bugs” are worked out and new innovations are tested.  Westport offers a semi-custom approach to interior décor and optional equipment, thus allowing owners to have a unique yacht to any other Westport hull.  The Westport 130 is a fast hull design allowing speeds up to 24 knots.