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Large Yachts for Sale

Welcome to Ak Yachts, your source for big and large yachts for sale! We are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – the Worldwide Center for Yachting; providing expert brokerage services for Yacht Buyers and Yacht Sellers from all over the globe.

Yachting, especially Yachting on a Large Yacht provides a unique lifestyle for family and friends to freely explore our wonderful island destinations in comfort and style. Yachting adventures are an immensely rewarding experience offering the ultimate freedom, privacy and memories like no other pastime!


TRI-DECK MEGAYACHTSlarge tri deck yacht for sale

Tri deck yachts feature three levels or more of deck space and are the configuration for the most popular large yacht, megayacht or superyacht (See our page on Trideck yacht builders)!  They almost always feature a main deck (on-deck) master stateroom and a sky lounge for plenty of entertaining and guest space. These yachts are the most popular yachts for large families and chartering because of their huge volume. Tri deck yachts start at around 80’ (24m) and go up from there to the largest mega-yachts in the world! Smaller tri deck yachts (80’-130’) are often designed to go fast (25 knots or so). As they grow larger (and heavier), trideck yachts gain the ability to cross oceans and thus at slower speeds for better range and fuel economy.
See our comprehensive page and our customized database for tri deck yachts for sale worldwide!


Raised pilothouse yachts are typically designed with two deck levels – a main deck level with a large salon and dining area (with a large aft deck for entertaining) with a galley plus a ‘country kitchen’ forward. Owner and guest staterooms are found on a lower level with 3-4 staterooms. The fly bridge is typically very spacious and open – often with a hardtop. A raised pilothouse is usually found on the same level as the fly bridge area, whereas a pilothouse yacht features an enclosed steering station on the main deck level. Raised pilothouse yachts (such as the Westport 112′) and pilothouse yachts (also known as a flush deck pilothouse yacht) are very popular in the US and Mediterranean areas due to their versatility and popular layout – which has many varieties. These yachts often can achieve speeds of 25 knots plus and are usually not found over 125’ (38m).


This category of large yachts focus on style, performance and enjoying fast day-trips. Large express yachts are typically very sleek and stylish; featuring a main deck devoted to both sun-worshipping and a casual combined salon area and helm. Owner/guest accommodations are found below consisting of 1-4 staterooms plus a crew area. Large express yachts are very popular on the US east coast and in the Mediterranean area. These yachts can be found up to 150’ (45m) with speeds up to 50 knots.

LARGE SAILING YACHTS large sailing yacht for sale

Large sailing yachts combine the luxury of fine living with the excitement and unlimited range enjoyed by the wind. Modern technology has allowed for exciting performance and easy operation (by virtue of hydraulic winches and roller furling) with tremendous sail areas. Many large sailing yachts offer a deck salon forward of twin steering stations, along with an additional salon and dining area below with luxurious living accommodations plus crew quarters. Most large sailing yachts are limited to the draft of where they can travel, although some have keels (or daggerboards) which can be raised for shallow draft cruising. Most large sailing yachts are designed as a sloop (or cutter), ketch or schooner rigs.

EXPEDITION & LONG RANGE YACHTS large expedition yacht for sale

Expedition yachts are a category of large yachts which refer to large long range yachts with a commercial styled ‘flair’ or actually commercial vessels which have been converted into yachts. Some expedition yachts carry sport fishing boats for exciting fishing in remote areas. In either case, expedition yachts are often designed to travel our wonderful world in search of adventure and places which are not easily cruised.

LARGE SPORT FISHING YACHTSlarge sport fisher for sale

Large sport fishing yachts and yachtfishers are a small category of large yachts for avid fishing enthusiasts. Most large sportfishers feature an enclosed fly bridge which doubles as a sky lounge. Features include large diesel engines for speeds in excess of 20 knots and comfort which allows for 4 staterooms plus a crew area. Yacht fishers combine the amenities and features found on large motor yachts with a large cockpit area for fishing and water sports. Large sport fishing yachts and yacht fishers are typically found in the US east and west coasts.

Looking for a Smaller Yacht for Sale?  Check out our pages with custom searches for the for these categories of yachts for sale:


Below is a list of just some of the yachts that we have previously sold. As you will see, our company specializes primarily in mid-sized to large motor yachts. However, that doesn’t mean that we cannot fine-tune a search for the perfect sport fisher, express yacht or sailing yacht. If you are actively (or soon to be) thinking of buying or selling -we encourage you to contact us and share your thoughts. Value is today’s keyword and many experienced buyers know that South Florida is the place to find deals for large yachts for sale and big yachts for sale!

Click Here To See Yachts We Have Previously Sold

Large Yachts for Sale – Sold – “Sovereign Lady” 1999 120′ Sovereign raised pilothouse cockpit motor yacht – A wonderful and seaworthy Jack Sarin design from Vancouver, British Columbia featuring a big 25′ beam, 5’6″ draft, equipped with MTU 16V2000 engines, stabilizers, 5 stateroom plus crew aft layout with a maple interior. Walkaround, teak covered- decks, open flybridge with Jacuzzi, awl grip paint, inverter, watermaker, great electronics. Big yacht for sale – Sold in Tahiti.

Large Yachts for Sale – Sold – “Protocol” 1998 98′ Westbay raised pilothouse cockpit motor yacht – An innovative first for Westbay out of Vancouver, BC. She was originally intended for a fractional ownership program “Resortship” as a flagship yacht. She is a Jack Sarin design featuring a 23′ beam, 3 owners staterooms plus 2 crew forward, MTU12V2000 engines, stabilizers, big salon on a wide-body layout with a ‘country kitchen’ forward on the main deck. in her day, she was a big yacht for sale.

Large Yachts for Sale – Sold – “Four Lads” 1976 105′ Poole Chaffee flush deck motor yacht – once owned by billionaire Wayne Huizenga, she was ‘stretched’ from her original length of 95′. She features 4 staterooms below with a huge master, two aft decks on a walkaround 24′ beam, GM1271 TI engines, stabilization and thruster. Now called “AB7”, she was also known as “Triumphant Lady”. With her big yacht beam of 24′, she was a large yacht in her day. Recently sold again and reported in Scandanavia.

Large Yachts for Sale – Sold – “Destiny Destiny” 1989 98′ Westship raised pilothouse motor yacht – designed by Jack Sarin and featuring a wide-body salon design with 3 staterooms and crew for 2 forward. Equipped withGM12V92 engines and stabilized, she was originally known as “Golden Delicious”.

Large Yachts for Sale – Sold – “Abigail Leah” 1987 78′ Used Hatteras motor yacht – This was an extended 70′ motor yacht (popular with this size yacht as nothing else was available in this size range) which featured a huge aft deck and cockpit. She was a 4 stateroom motor yacht with GM1271 main engines. Subsequently known as “Lone Star” and prior named as “Swordfish”.

Big Yachts for Sale – Sold – “Strike II” 2002 64′ Jefferson – A walkaround pilothouse cockpit motor yacht featuring a teak interior, stand-up engine room with MTU series 60 main engines, twin gensets, a mid-ship master stateroom plus two guest staterooms.

Big Yachts for Sale – Sold – “Sea Prompt II” 2003 64′ Symbol yacht- A Jack Sarin design with a big 18’6″ beam, CAT 3406E engines, 3 staterooms, walkaround decks with a big aft deck area, cherrywood interior, hardtop with enclosure.

Big Yachts for Sale – Sold – “Santa Fe” 2002 66′ Symbolyacht for sale – A Jack Sarin design featuring a 62′ house on a 66′ hull with an over sized aft deck, walk arounds, awl grip paint, 3 staterooms plus one crew staterooms aft, cherry wood interior, an air-conditioned fly bridge with a hardtop. Renamed “Gratiot Beach”.

Big Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Sea Rose” 2004 66′ Symbol – A Jack Sarin designed flush deck motor yacht with a big master stateroom aft and 3 forward, CAT 3406 E engines, walkaround decks with a big, covered aft deck and flybridge and a graceful euro transom design.

Big Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Simpatico” 2004 58′ Symbol yacht- A Jack Sarin design featuring a gloss cherrywood interior, 3 staterooms (one being a convertible office) and midship master stateroom. Powered by CAT C12 engines. Featured an oriental décor theme.

Large Yachts for Sale – Sold – “Alegre” 2004 88′ Symbol motor yacht – A special flush deck motor yacht with a euro transom, she was built for a large Mexican family, She features 4 staterooms forward and 2 crew staterooms aft with a gloss Cherry interior. The huge flybridge is under a 30′ hard top. A Jacuzzi is featured on the foredeck.

Large Yachts for Sale – Sold – “Beothuk” 2002 84′ Kuipers steel trawler – Offshore, “go anywhere” design by Vripack of Netherlands she is custom built by Kuipers in Sneek, NL. Steel hull displacement design with an aluminum superstructure, she is powered by CAT3406 engines. Interior is Teak and features 3 owner staterooms with two crew cabins forward.

Large Yachts for Sale – Sold – “Eclipse” 1997 80′ Lazarra motor yacht – FRP cockpit motor yacht built by the famous Lazarra team in Tampa, FL. And featuring 3 owners staterooms with two crew forward. This boat has walkaround decks, lower and upper stations and is powered by MTU1150 hp engines.

Large Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Animal House” 1986 98′ Poole Chaffee motor yacht – An all aluminum raised pilothouse cockpit motor yacht with 5 owners (on-deck Master stateroom) staterooms and two crew staterooms forward. Aft engine room features CAT 3412 engines. Huge flybridge and deck crane can carry a small suv or up to a 23′ tender. Built with range to cross oceans.

Large Yachts for Sale – Sold – “Under the Sheets” 1983 65′ Hatteras Motor sailer – one of 3 Ted Hood designed Sloops with twin GM 471 engines and a desirable charter layout with 3 staterooms aft and a crew area forward.

Big Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Sweetie Pie” 2003 58′ Symbol pilothouse motor yacht – A Jack Sarin design featuring 3 staterooms, lovely cherrywood interior, aft engine room with CAT C12 engines.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Safari” 2003 54′ Symbol motor yacht – One of the first of this popular Jack Sarin designs, featuring a pilothouse plus flybridge, big 17.5′ beam with only 5′ draft, cherry interior, walkaround decks and covered aft deck. Huge volume and very seaworthy, semi-custom design.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Caffeine Free” 2002 57′ Symbol yacht – Pilothouse cockpit motor yacht – This one was really jazzed up with a cherry wood interior, stabilizers and CAT 3406E engines plus 3 staterooms and all hardwood flooring.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Cruzan Lady” 1997 57′ Symbol – Pilothouse cockpit motor yacht – 3 staterooms with midship master, maple interior, big cockpit and CAT 3196 engines. The new owners are knowledgeable yachtsfolk and refit her to perfection.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Santa Fe” 2001 48′ Sea Ray motor yacht – This popular fly bridge cockpit motor yacht featured a hardtop with enclosure, 3 staterooms with vitracore cherry interior (no lower station) and CAT 3196 engines for a fast 25knot cruise. A tender on a transom lift was included. This boat went all the way from Fort Lauderdale to Nova Scotia and back on her own with only the couple who owned her doing the navigation.

Large Yachts for Sale – Sold – “Lady Etsuko” 1983 103′ Broward used motor yacht – Powered with GM1271 TI’s this boat was purchased in the US, shipped to Japan and then sold and shipped back to the US. She featured 3 staterooms plus crew on a raised pilothouse motor yacht design. This was a big motor yacht for sale in Japan.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Argonauta” 1987 68′ used Hatteras yacht- After looking at many Hatteras’ this notable ex-mayor of Beaufort, SC, purchased this really nice motor yacht with a modified Euro-transom, 3 staterooms (aft master), wide-body salon and powered with GM8V92 engines. The owner happily sold his home and lives on this boat full-time – quite happily.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Sea Strand” 2005 Used Symbol motor yacht – A marvelous galley down Jack Sarin-designed yacht with walkaround decks and a gorgeous cherry interior, she was designed as a sophisticated yacht to be operated by a cruising couple. Powered by Cat 3406E engines.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Good Golly” 1986 54′ Hatteras yatch – After looking at many Hatteras 54 Extended Deck motor yachts, this was the best of the lot. She features a thruster, stabilizers, 3 staterooms with a large master aft, teak and holly flooring, galley down, walkaround decks and GM8V92 power. She is used to show the owner’s fine line of yachting accessories in Ocean Reef Yacht Club.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Traveller” 1996 63′ Sunseeker express motor yacht – Powered with MTU 1100 hp engines, this 3 stateroom express motor yacht features a retractable sunroof, gorgeous gloss cherry wood interior and cruising speed of 25 knots. Brought up from Cayman Islands, she sold in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Lilli Pilli” 1997 57′ Magnum express yacht – This extended 53 Magnum express motor yacht features CAT 3412 engines with surface drive propellers and cruises around 30 knots. She features 3 staterooms and a large cockpit area for entertaining.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – 1985 60 Riva express motor yacht – We bought her in France and kept her in Cannes for several years while the owner used her to cruise the Mediterranean and then transported her to the US by Dockwise Transport. She was one of 11 Riva’s built in this model and exceptionally sleek. She was a fine used motor yacht to purchase.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Yolo” 63′ Viking – Flush deck motor yacht powered with GM12V71 engines. Featuring a 4 stateroom layout with a huge aft master cabin, this boat features a teak interior and makes for an ideal live aboard. Indeed a couple from Arizona moved to Charleston to live on board full time.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Crazy Cat” 2005 54′ Cruisers -Express motor yacht with a hard top and an air-conditioned cockpit. Powered by D10 Volvo engines, she features an upscale cherry interior with two large staterooms (fore and aft).

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Big Wave” 1980 70′ Hatteras yacht – This large flush deck, cockpit (extension) motor yacht offers loads of volume. She has 4 staterooms (big master aft) a pilothouse below and huge fly bridge above.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Fishtales” 1990 65′ Hatteras sport fisherman with an enclosed flybridge – powered by rebuilt GM 16V92 engines, she cruises around 23 knots. Featuring 4 staterooms below, she offers an upscale, decorator interior.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Anxiety” 1997 40′ Tiara express motor yacht – This express model features two staterooms with an ash interior. The cockpit is covered by a hard top and the transom offers a hydraulic transom lift. Powered by twin CAT 3208 diesel engines, these are great family boats that are at home in Florida or Bahama waters.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Lady Hunter” 2004 55′ Altima motor yacht – Pilothouse cockpit motor yacht with walkaround decks, an open galley behind the wheelhouse, 3 roomy staterooms with a gloss cherry wood finish, a day head, stairs from the cockpit and pilothouse to the fly bridge, air-conditioned fly bridge and engine room. Powered by twin Cummins QSM11 engines, this is an ideal boat for cruising the Caribbean and East coast waters. Located in Cayman Islands for sale.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Island Dancer” 1986 54′ Gulfstar – Pilothouse motorsailer, she is equipped with twin Yanmar engines and a sloop rig for sailing. She features a big aft cabin with two other cabins forward, a large salon and a roomy, dry pilothouse area for navigating in comfort and entertaining. Perfectly suited to cruise the Caribbean – indeed she was purchased in Tortola , BVI and makes her home in Barbados.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Pro” 2000 45′ SeaRay – Express motor yacht featuring two staterooms and Cummins power. She is a great runabout for weekend trips. Her owner bought her and shipped her to west coast Mexico by transport ship and loves to entertain aboard her.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Globetrotter” 2002 62′ Symbol – A Jack Sarin design pilothouse cockpit motor yacht with walkaround decks, Twin CAT 3406E power, bowthruster, stabilizers. She features 3 staterooms with a full-beam mid-master, cherrywood interior and a galley-up arrangement in the pilothouse. The 18.5′ beam offers huge volume making her an ideal cruising boat for liveaboards.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Bermuda” 2002 80′ Symbol – Flush deck motor yacht with a roomy walkaround 21.5′ beam and a unique arrangement of 3 staterooms forward (huge, full-beam master) and two staterooms aft that can be used for either crew or guests. She features a gloss cherrywood interior, MTU 8V200 engines, twin gensets, bow thruster, stabilizers and an expansive, enclosed fly bridge with a Jacuzzi. Purchased in Fort Lauderdale, Fl, she was shipped to Victoria, British Columbia where she is for sale again.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Mistress” 1998 65′ Hatteras – Sport deck motor yacht model offering a nice aft deck and euro transom to a big swim platform. Her wide body salon offers a private stairway to the aft master stateroom and full beam engine room with GM 12V92 power. Three other staterooms are forward of the pilothouse. Stabilized, thruster, awlgrip paint and tender. She was purchased as a trade-in in Fort Lauderdale, Fl and now resides in Charleston, SC.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Excess Verdict” 2001 66′ Symbol – A Jack Sarin design featuring a teak interior and galley down arrangement. She offers a big settee in the pilothouse , walkaround decks, 3 staterooms with full beam mid master and huge volume on the 18.5 Beam. She was sold twice since new and was shipped to Turkey last year.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Tesoro” 1972 58′ Hatteras – A flush deck motor yacht with GM 8V92 power and three staterooms. She was bought in poor condition and completely refit and upgraded with new paint, electronics, interior and tender lift on the transom. She was transported to Vancouver, British Columbia where she now resides as a liveaboard.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Two Drifters” 2004 45′ Hi-Star – This flush deck cockpit motor yacht offered walkaround decks, a stairway to the flybridge with hard top and enclosure, two staterooms with a cherrywood interior and Cummins power.

Yacht for Sale – Sold – “Soak Em” 2001 40′ Regal – Express motor yacht bought as an entry level day-cruiser. She features two staterooms, Cummins power and a large cockpit area. We refit her with new electronics and a bow thruster.