Yachting Weather Resources

Enjoyable yachting starts with understanding and planning trips in relationship to weather patterns. It is much more enjoyable to be safely tied up to a sheltered dock than having to endure a rough day with guests looking at you with accusing eyes. Indeed the success of getting the family and friends to embrace the yachting lifestyle centers around smooth sailing. A wise skipper always plans alternative routes around weather – not only to ensure comfort, but safety and the well-being of the vessel.

Yacht Transport & Yacht Deliveries

Yacht Deliveries and yacht transport makes sense with professional yacht captains This article is written by a free-lance yacht captain who regularly delivers yachts and transports yachts along the US eastern seaboard and the Bahamas For the past fifteen years or so, yacht transport and deliveries have been a sizable and important part of my business. Many are to the Bahamas and Caribbean but the majority are along the east coast and take place during the spring and fall migrations. Most involve motor yachts but Continue reading →

Aircraft Charters makes Yachting Easier!

Aircraft charter is a natural compliment for active yacht vacations.  Yachting is a wonderful lifestyle enjoyed by many affluent families.  It is a wonderful way for families to relax together with unsurpassed beauty and water sport activities.   Many yachts cruise in idyllic areas which are not close to the bustle of cities or commercial airports. Aircraft charter can be essential for an unspoiled holiday. Yachting is the Ultimate Lifestyle! The Bahamas are a popular area for yachting vacations by virtue of 800 plus islands Continue reading →

Yacht Finance Tips

Most people believe that banks have changed their policies and placed luxury buying on the back burner, which is simply not true. In the advent of our financial times, lenders simply want to ensure that they are making good business decisions. Do some advance legwork before you buy a yacht or boat and get qualified in advance!

The following financing tips are for US yacht buyers who are seriously in the market seeking to purchase a yacht.

Yacht Registration: International

Yacht buyers have the option to register and title their yacht in different countries which may offer advantage to the yacht and ownership. With larger yachts, many owners choose to register the yacht ‘offshore’ for various reasons. This article provides information as to the benefits (and issues) of doing so.