Yacht Security Tips

Thinking about getting a yacht, but scared stiff of all the stories you might have heard about modern day pirates or yacht-invasions? Don’t worry, these situations are very uncommon…but remember that you are your own little country sometimes in the middle of often “nowhere”. Here are some yacht security tips which might make sense (and indeed involves a lot of common sense).

Miami Boat Show Tips

Are you thinking of coming to the Miami Boat Show in Miami Beach, Florida?    Here are some tips which can make your experience more pleasurable at the upcoming Miami boat show!  The Miami boat show is staged in the middle of February (February 12-16, 2015). Boat shows in South Florida are amazing events, drawing yachts of all types and sizes from around the world.  Despite world economic issues, the yachting world has managed to survive and even proliferate.  Many new and exciting yacht models Continue reading →