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Sport Fishing Yachts for Sale

Welcome to our Sport Fishing Yachts Buyer Knowledge Center.  Check out our customized searches for all varieties of sport fishing yachts for sale!

The term, sport fishing yachts explains it all.  Sport fishing yachts are made to catch fish! Sport Fishing Yachts are a BIG DEAL  in the western hemisphere!

Sport fishing yachts are extremely  popular along the US coasts, the Caribbean and in Central & South America.  These areas Sport fish yacht for sale heading homeare productive fishing grounds and offer plenty of action for bottom fishing and game fishing for marlin, wahoo, mahi, sailfish, tuna and more!

All sport fishing yachts are designed to be fast and have a fly bridge laid out with a helm offering good 360 degree visibility, seating and an enclosure.  Since a large cockpit is essential to catching fish, the operator must have great visibility and access to the cockpit.

Accommodations are 1-4 staterooms located forward of the salon and galley area.  Often a crew area is provided near the engine room.

Most sport fishing yachts (or sport fishing boats) are built out of a fiberglass ‘sandwich’ in order to keep them light, strong and thus fast. The truly “fish-possessed” and tournament oriented construct custom boats that are commonly made of wood using a technique called “cold-molding.”

Enjoy life with a used sport fisher!Speed is essential for covering vast amounts of ocean while on the hunt, thus large diesel  engines or multiple outboard engines and light hulls are the norm.

Sport fishing yachts offer two configurations:

  • Convertible sport fishing yachts  (or sedan) – which offers a fly bridge above a salon and galley area
  • Express sport fishing boats which are one level, yet still offer a smaller salon and cabin area.

Tower configurations offer the ability to spot fish action according to the area and types of fishing.  Towers are made from aluminum tubing and offer a range of styles from half towers, marlin towers and tuna towers (the tallest).  All sport fishing yachts are equipped with outriggers for trolling multiple baits.  Some sportfishers opt to install deep-dropping equipment such as down riggers and electric reel stations.  Plenty of rod holders are positioned for easy access and multiple types of rods.

Yacht fishers are also popular as they combine the best of the sport fishing boat cockpit and aft deck; yet the comfort and amenities found in motor yachts.  Yachtfishers are extremely popular on the US west coast where range is a big consideration.

Speaking of range, a growing trend are ‘mother ships’ which can explore remote areas of the world and carry fast sport fishers on the deck.  These expedition style yachts can launch and retrieve these sportfishing boats when they reach their destinations.

Sport Fishing Yacht Manufacturers Include:

 The big 3 sport fish builders are Viking, Bertram, Hatteras - all built in the US. These boats are production/spec built and are equipped for speed and luxury – often with enclosed fly bridges.

Other US production sport fishing yachts manufacturers include: Blackfin, Cabo, Donzi, Egg Harbor, Luhrs, Ocean, Post, Pursuit, Rampage, Silverton, Striker, Tiara and Topaz

North Carolina and Florida regions are noted for customized, high end tournament and charter sport fishers. These sport fishing yachts are  crafted from a process called “cold moulding” (epoxy laminated wood). American Custom, Blackwell, Ricky Scarborough, Buddy Davis, Craig Blackwell, Jarrett Bay, Hines Farley, Garlington and Monterey are some of the notable builders.

Captain Jay Cohen  is our resident expert on sport fishing and sport fishing boats. Jay owns a charter company, Reel Adventures, with the “Spellbound” in Haulover, Florida and can not only share plenty of hands-on knowledge for catching fish, but also give you the best advice and assistance for finding the right used sport fishing boat for your needs!

Sport Fishing Yachts for Sale!

sport fishing boats catch fish!Looking to purchase a sport fishing yacht? Use our extensive database of new and used sportfishers and sport fishing  yachts for sale.  Call (954) 889-7330 or email directly to info@akyachts.com  for a custom search (including sport fishers which may not be actively on the market) tailored to your needs and requirements!