Express Cruiser Yachts for Sale

Express Cruiser Yachts for Sale

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Welcome to Ak Yachts! We are your number one destination for express cruisers! Conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – the worldwide yachting center – we provide expert brokerage services for yacht buyers and sellers from across the globe.

Express cruisers are designed to provide two levels of comfort. One is the main deck with ample space for sun-bathing and an enclosed or shaded level for entertaining your guests.  This type of yacht is designed for speed, as well as weekend or light cruising. Express cruisers come in a variety of styles ranging from traditional downeast style yachts to stylish contemporary European styles.  All express cruisers offer staterooms and a galley found below the deck and range from 40′ (12m) to 150′ (45.7m) in length.

To find the most suitable express cruiser yacht for your needs, please use our yachtfinder module.  Also, you’ll be happy to note that we have a special knack for finding the best yachts for our clients. In fact, we’re sometimes able to find yachts that are not even on the market yet!   So anytime you have a question or need information – contact us, we’ll be happy to help!

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